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Moscow Union of Artists
Poster Designers Association «Товарищество плакатистов»
Moscow Artists Union Poster Section

Project partners

LLC «Агитплакат» 

COPYBROTHERS printing house



Peter Javorik

Mykola Kovalenko

Dmitry Mirilenko

Kamil Zaynetdinov

Natasha Shendrik



Category 1 "Eco-poster"

Separate waste collection, recycling and waste disposal; air pollution; forest fires; environmental resources; radioactive contamination; protected areas and poaching; cities and continents; eco-tourism.


Category 2 "Preservation of cultural heritage monuments"

Cultural heritage, reconstruction, restoration.


Category 3 "Free topic"

 Politics, culture, advertising.


Years of creation

Between 2017 and 2020 are accepted. Size - 900 x 600 mm (vertical)

Admission and selection of works will pass in two steps:

Step 1

Participants send files of posters to e-mail: mos-plakat@mail.ru, subject "Step 1". In the letter please specify: title of submitted works and year of creation, your name and family name, Country, city, contacts (e-mail) and category of contest.

File requirements: size: no more than 1000 pixels on the long side, dpi 72, JPEG, RGB.

Deadline: June 01, 2020 The organizing committee will select posters for the final exhibition and the official catalog.

Step 2

The list of selected works will be published on www.plakat-msh.ru and Facebook. The files for printing selected works should be sent to mos-plakat@mail.ru by the Authors of these works, email subject “exhibition”.

File requirements: JPEG, 900x600 mm, vertical, 150 dpi, RGB. Selected posters will be printed by the organizers.


Conditions of participation
Open Competition. The competition is open to both individuals and groups. The number of entries per participant is not limited. Participation is free of charge.


Prizes in each category; 

Diplomas of the jury in each category;

The results of the Contest and the winners will be announced at the opening of the final exhibition in Moscow, in Exhibition hall of Moscow Union of artists, Russia, Moscow, Kuznetsky Most st., 20, in September 2020.


The competition will result in an illustrated catalogue.



E-mail: plakatmsh@mail.rumos-plakat@mail.ru

Designed by

Stepan Lukyanov, Tata Evladova


Please, tell your colleagues about terms of the Contest.

The decision of the jury is final. In the event of a claim to the posters, responsibility for the copyrights is on participant and also engages in arbitration and litigation. Submissions of the contest will not be reviewed or returned. All submitted material will be retained for exhibition purposes. Competition results will be published in the Media and on the official Organizers and Partner websites. Organizers retain the right to non-commercial use of submissions, including display and publishing thereof, in order to promote the competition and exhibition. The organizers of the competition provide overall leadership and ongoing work; develop the criterion of assessment for posters, approve the jury, get the final outcome of the contest and carry out promotional and publishing activities. The organizers may reject submissions that fail to comply with the terms, moral and ethic standards and/or incite ethnic discord and violence.