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The Moscow Union of Artists, the Poster Section of the MUA, the Association of Poster Artists under the project "Russian Province" announce an international poster campaign:

"Tarusa is the outpost of Russian culture"

2021 marks the 775th anniversary of the first mention of the city of Tarusa in the chronicle.

The city was named after the Tarusa River of the same name, on which it was founded.

In the Middle Ages, the Tarusa was one of the outposts of defense of the southern borders of Moscow Russia.

The Tarusa and its surroundings are rich with historical and cultural events. Famous figures of Soviet and Russian culture lived and worked in the city at different times:

the poet Marina Tsvetaeva;

the poet, writer and translator Nikolay Zabolotsky;

the writer Konstantin Paustovsky;

the painter Vasily Polenov;

the painter Victor Borisov-Musatov;

the writer Sofia Fedorchenko;

the writer Antal Hidas;

the writer Nikolai Bogdanov;

the writer Anton Chekhov;

the poet Bella Akhmadulina;

the musician Svyatoslav Richter; 

the writer-poet Grigoriy Oster.

Every year, the city hosts:

The Svyatoslav Richter Foundation Music Festival;

The Tarusa – Festival of Russian animators;

Exhibitions of artists "Moscow-Tarusa";

The International Festival of Television Films and Programs "Berega" (shores);

The All-Russian festival "Tsvetaeva readings";

The Children's festival "Roosters and Geese in the city of Tarusa".

link to download the emblem of Tarusa 

The campaign is open. Participation is free.

Professional designers and students of specialized universities are invited to participate.

The final exhibition will be held in September 2021 in the city of Tarusa, in the exhibition hall of the House of Creativity of the Moscow Union of Artists, and in the open area, in the courtyard of the Moscow Union of Artists, Starosadsky per., 5, Moscow, Russia.

According to the results of the campaign, it is planned to issue a catalog.

Poster Topics:

               The Tarusa - 775 years;

               Cultural figures in the Tarusa and posters on the topics of their works;

               History of the Tarusa;

               Cultural life of the city (festivals, exhibitions);

               The Tarusa today.

Stage #1 deadline May 1, 2021

Send files to the organizers' email mos-plakat@mail.ruJPEG or PDF, 25x17. 5 cm, vertical format, 300 dpi resolution, color model CMYK. The format of the name of the files is "775_Name_Surname_Country.

Stage #2

The organizers will contact the authors of selected posters for the final exhibition by email.

Files for the exhibition must be 100x70 cm, JPEG or PDF, resolution 150 dpi, color model CMYK.


The works stay in the fund of the Moscow Union of Artists and are not returned to the authors. The organization has the right to publish and exhibit works free of charge without additional approval from the authors. In case of any claims to the posters, the applicant bears all responsibility for copyright, and also enters into arbitration disputes and legal proceedings.